Q: When did you start playing piano?

A: I was six years old. I took lessons from that time until I was 17. My formative years revolved around the classic Alfred and Bastien book series. Later on I focused on Baroque, Romantic, and the like. I still make it a point to keep up on the classical, while regularly delving into the pop, rock, film, showtune, and religious genres.

Q: When did you start singing?

A: I was 15 years old. Someone at church asked why I wasn't in the congregation's choir. I had no good excuse. I joined that choir. Ended up enjoying it. Ended up making it into the top choir at school shortly thereafter, having never been in any other school choir prior to that. I was hooked. I participated in a number of Honor and All-State choirs. I went on to minor in music at college. Since then I've kept vocal performance a vital part of my life. It's taken me to many magnificent places across my beloved country, as well as into the European lands of my ancestors.

Q: When did you start composing?

A: Just a few short years ago! I don't know what came over me. I think it had to do with me sitting at my friend's family's piano one day, and my friend had his spiral-bound compilation of compositions lying there before me, and I began sightreading some selections, and a tiny inaudible voice whispered in my ear, You'd probably like to do this, too... And the voice was right: I DO like it!

Q: Who are your musical influences?

A: Well, how much time do you have? I could go on literally all day. In short, I'd have to say: 1) the amazing conductors under whose batons I've sung (they are phenomenal composers); 2) every excellent rock/folk-rock/country-rock/easy-listening artist my parents have ever loved; 3) an assortment of nowaday musicians who, too, are fabulous storytellers and instrumentalists; 4) Celtic and other global areas of "world music," including European medieval and renaissance.